NY1NYer Of The Week: Al Vitale Helps Fund Jobs For Unemployed NYersNY1But this week's New Yorker of the Week is helping people get back to work in a unique way. NY1's John Schiumo filed the following
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Its Working....
Its Working....
News articles of our hard work paying off for our homeless american friends
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CNN/Eyewitness News
One man's dream will become reality for our homeless Americans.
HopeForTheFriendless Finds Work For Out Of work Americans
Margie's Bridal Salon Owner Rich (far right) is seen here with his New Employees. John(far left)Mae Ann (2nd from left) & Sedley (2nd from right)
Founder of Hope For The Friendless, Albert Vitale (center)is shown here with John & Rich.
John Pepper, A Antive American Indian, was born in NYC and raised on the East Side Of Manhattan. He graduated from U.C.L.A and majored in pyscology.  He married in 1980 and has five children including twin boys. John is a Veteran who served in the Marines from 1981-1991. In February of 2012 he last his job as a sales manager and now lives in a shelter on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Sedley and his family moved here from Guyana in the late 1970's to make a better life for themselves. Shortly after his arrival in the country he got his green card and started working to become apart of the "American Dream". He held a job for 15 years in the field of security, but then became a victim of the declining economy. He was laid off and has not been able to find work since. However he continued to pray to become a better human being with Gogd's help and guidance. He is now volunteering in his local Church's Soup Kitchen program. He is an energetic and driven man who gets along well with his fellow staff memebers. He is humble and a spirited team player, who is dedicated to accomplishing his goals no matter how great or small. Hope For the Friendless is Proud to Announce:
July, 2012 Mae Ann, Sedley & John started working for Margie's Bridal Salon, Bronx, NY.
Their salaries are being paid by the generous donations made by Caring Americans such as you!
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