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     Welcome to the website for Hope For the Friendless Inc. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS so your donations will be a tax write off. We are a  not for profit charitable organization  which was established to alleviate the plight of the homeless. To aid & assist homeless persons in securing adequate shelter. To engage in a charitable work project for the protection & benefit of the homeless. To encourage interest, awareness & activism in local & national political arenas with reference to the plight of the homeless & needy. To provide financial & economic assistance for the ultimate benefit of such people. To provide information to homeless individuals regarding the availability of employment opportunities. To solicit, collect & otherwise raise money for the charitable & benevolent purposes of this corporation and to improve & advance the health welfare & well being of homeless persons through the purposes of Hope For The Friendless.

            We also intend to extend these services to included people whom may not be homeless but are in need of jobs since this is such an important issue at this time in the history of our country. This would also include wounded & disabled war veterans looking for employment. 

            Part of our plan is to go to MOM & POP owned stores & ask if one of our "Friends" could work in their store. If they would be good enough to do that Hope For The Friendless would pay their salaries. So the store would receive the help of an extra employee at no cost to them. In the past this idea was well received by the media. You can go to our results tab and view the clips from CNN & ABC news
. Albert Vitale (the founder was also nominated and interviewed as NYer of the week on NY1.
     So, if you have the passion, the desire, the physical & mental toughness to follow us, we welcome your assistance & look forward to a future of no homeless & unemployed Americans.
Hope For The Friendless Inc. (718) 432-5002 Email: vitale10463@gmail.com
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